Ukraine Fringe

21 august - 3 September 2023

Ukraine Fringe

Bringing the International Fringe culture to Ukraine and raising awareness about Ukraine in the World

Theatre festival in English around Independence day of Ukraine. A successor to ProAct Fest


Ukraine Fringe brings the International Fringe culture to Ukraine and raises awareness about Ukraine in the World

The goal of the festival in 2023 is to support Ukraine via Fringe Festival

Ukraine Fringe 2023 will be held in two formats – live shows in Kyiv and online.

Save the dates and be ready for something completely unexpectable!

1) Kyiv program (01.09 – 03.09.2023)

Participants bring performances to Kyiv and show them at various venues, unlimited number of times.

2) Online part (21.08 – 03.09.2023)

As the part of the festival, participants who cannot come to Ukraine show their performances at the online-platform of our partner, SceneSaver.


What exactly “Fringe” is?

Fringe – a world-famous format, the meaning of which is the complete freedom of the theater. Developed organically across the globe, Fringes are unique in style and form every time they open. Any venue, any performance format, any country can become a part of the festival



What projects can apply for Ukraine Fringe?

Almost every one of them! The formats of applying projects are not limited at all! Everything that can be considered as creative product of arts can take part in the festival.

Priority areas: theatre, comedy, circus, music, cabaret, visual arts, workshops and so much more…

Our festival is a platform for presentations of cultural projects from all over the world that have not been shown to the Ukrainian public before. Ukraine Fringe is an ideal opportunity for you to show your creativity!

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Our team

The people that make PRO.ACT Fest happen

The team of professionals that create the festival

Steve Gove

festival co-founder

Anastasiia Larina

Festival Coordinator

Natalia Ponomarova

Event Coordinator

Anabell Ramirez

programme coordinator

Veronika Streltsova

volunteer coordinator

Volodymyr Zubkov


Bob Skinner


Victoria Mushtey



Partners and Friends that help PRO.ACT Fest happen.

Best companies, best people

The online hub to watch 700+ performances from offwestend and fringe theatres from all around the world

ProEnglish Theatre - the only professional theatre in English of Ukraine. Founders of PRO.ACT Fest

Eventotron - Powering Arts Events. The online arts event management system bringing together artists, live performance events, venues and festivals all around the world.

Vlad Zubkov - actor and acting coach (USA). Co-idea of the festival, logistical support of the festival, working with foreign partners, jury, search for financing

ProEnglish Drama School - acting classes in English for adults and teens. Masterclasses at PRO.ACT Fest

NSTDU, National Union of Theatre Artists of Ukraine - the biggest Union for theatre makers of our country. Info partners and godfathers of the festival

WEST: World of English Speaking Theatres - 100 and more theatres and theatrical organizations all over the world

European Association of Independent Performing Arts - the umbrella organisation for associations and interest groups from all over Europe

ProTeatr - theatrical portal. Info partners of the Festival

Kyiv In English - all Kyiv events in English - in one telegram channel. Info partners of the Festival

Les Kurbas Centre - art Centre that combines scientific research of Theatre art and Hub for independent theatres of Kyiv. Venue partners of the Festival

Theatre Makers of Kyiv - the biggest FB group uniting theatre lovers of Kyiv. Info partners of the Festival

English-speaking Actors in Ukraine - the biggest portal uniting English-speaking filmmakers and theatre makers in Ukraine. Info partners of the Festival

National Kinemateka of Ukraine - legendary place of film and art creation since 1980's. Venue partner of the Festival


Alex Borovenskiy, theatre director, founder of ProEnglish Theatre and PRO.ACT Fest. President of the first 3 Festivals. Acting coach whose “HUGS” workshop became a legend of Festival III. Supervises “Theatre24” project of the Festival. Our Alex

Natalia Ponomarova

Actress, President of PRO.ACT Fest IV and V. Natalia basically grew up from the visitor of the Festival to being a volunteer here, then an actress and eventually – the President of the Festival. As the personal project Natalia supervises “English Songs as Poetry” and other poetry projects of the Festival

Anabell Ramirez

Theatre director and actress at ProEnglish Theatre. Programme Coordinator of the Festival. Anabell stands behind every important strategic decision and often times – many small practical steps during the festival. As the personal project she supervises Workshops Programme of the Festival

Veronika Streltsova

Volunteer Coordinator. Nika joined our team only from Festival IV and immediately became a part of it. Her energy and good spirit make the greatest Volunteer Team one can see at a theatre festival.

Volodymyr Zubkov

Actor, juror of PRO.ACT Fest. Volodymyr’s long history as an actor in various theatre and movie projects in English eventually made him into an expert juror at our Festival. His system of performances evaluation that Mr Zubkov developed all by himself was used to evaluate performances of our Festival


Teacher and actor. Being a native speaker with acting experience Bob brings his understanding of English language and his impeccable British sense of humour)) into the judging process


Actress, juror at PRO.ACT Fest. Professional actress with huge experience in different theatre projects and roles in Ukrainian cinema, Victoria bring her understanding of acting nature into evaluation process at the festival

Anastasiia Larina

Theatre entrepreneur, Ukraine Fringe Coordinator. Programme director of International Theatre Festival “Melpomene of Tavria”, project coordinator of theatrical, ballet, orchestral and other creative projects.

Vasyl Protsiuk

Actor and photographer, Official Photographer of PRO.ACT Fest. Founder of PRO.ACT – photos for actors project. Best photos and videos come from Vasyl