Ukraine Fringe


Please fill the application form and wait for our reply. Please note that only performances in English are considered for the participation at PRO.ACT Fest.
Make sure you also read the festival regulations before applying.

General Principles

  1. PRO.ACT Fest (further – Festival) aims to identify and unite English-speaking Theatre communities in Ukraine and abroad.
  2. Festival aims to stress the importance of knowing English and the fun way of using it by organizing 3-days festival full of theatre and other cultural events held in English.
  3. By creating the Festival of International level and involving foreign collaborators Festival adheres to further integration of Ukraine into Europe.
  4. According to the new Education Law of Ukraine, studying process at schools can provide teaching of few subjects in English or other official EU languages, which means that English language becomes not only the goal, but mainly the instrument of communication. Therefore, PRO.ACT Fest can become a place, where students consolidate their knowledge and practice their skills.


  1. 5th PRO.ACT Fest is held in 2023 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Exact dates and location are to be determined later.
  2. The Festival invites to participate all Ukrainian and International theatres, theatre companies and communities that stage performances in English.
  3. Participants are to fill an application form below, attach 3-5 photos of their performances and the link to the full video of the performance.
  4. All performances are to be in English
  5. Deadline for applications is Nov 30, 2022


  1. Financial conditions of the festival are to be determined later. At the moment we’re seeking for a grant that would allow us to cover accommodation and meals for the participants. Transportation costs are still debatable. One thing clear, under NO circumstances we will require a financial contribution of performing companies.


  1. Festival is organized by ProEnglish Theatre – English-speaking Theatre and Drama School in Kyiv, Ukraine.
    The founder of ProEnglish Theatre and PRO.ACT Fest is Alex Borovenskiy, president of the Festival in Natalia Ponomarova. They can be reached at